Skills & Employability Prospects Development Services -- (E2E)

With E2E (Experience to Employment) a service which benefits the community through the provision for people of most backgrounds and interests with opportunities to gain valuable Work Experience, which may potentially lead to Employment, although as with most things there are no guarantees.


Legal Support from

Legal Support

More information on our McKenzie Friend Services can be obtained by reviewing our dedicated website for this service which is


Recruitment / Resource Identification Outsource Services -- (RIOS)


RIOS (Resource Identification Outsourced Services) is our recruitment service which can be taken up independently or in most cases as an add-on to our E2E service should any work experience candidate accept any potential offer of employment made by a potential work placement providing employer.


Project Initiation Development Services -- ( PIDS )

Website Applications Development

Our organisation is unique in many ways to include the keenness to impart skills and knowledge whilst working collaboratively to achieve timely results based on pre-defined requirements.



  • Health & Wellness Services

    This is a new service area for CSR Projects covered by involved and previously career experienced individuals who have been historically employed and involved in similar Physical & Mental Health, Personal Hygiene, Food/Diet & Drink in addition to Exercise and Fitness related services.